Sign up for the April 21st Group Handgun Class

Join us for a day of shooting,  holster work, reloads and double taps.

Get some holster time in with us April 21st from 1PM-6PM at Angeles Shooting Ranges on the Eagles Nest Range. 

Shoot some steel, work on your draw and shoot some double taps. We will work with reload techniques and speed drills as well as basic fundamentals. 

All levels of marksman are welcome. This is not a Expert’s class but will test anyone’s competency at all levels, from novice to pro. We will work individually and as a group for a fun day of learning skills that will transfer to self defense and competition shooting alike.

We want to invite you to grow as a shooter and do something many don’t get the opportunity to do, REAL training. Bring yourself, a gun and a few hundred rounds of ammo and a friend if you have one. Rental guns are available upon request and the range sells ammo as well.

 The class is $150 each, rental guns available upon request.

We hope to see you there!

Angeles Shooting Ranges, Eagles Nest range, meeting at the main office at 1pm 4/21/19

If you have a question, want to add a note, or need to borrow a gun for the class, you can add it here.
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