Meet the instructors:

Dave Anderson

"I have been shooting for over 20 years and love to see a passion for learning and expanding as a shooter. Pistols, shotgun and rifle, I like seeing someone step up and try to advance as a shooter.  My specialty is teaching women to shoot in a comfortable and fun environment.  As a Non Commissioned Officer and Marksmanship Master Trainer in the U.S. Army/California National Guard, I always have safety and training as my top priorities. I can teach in high stress environments while keeping safety at the front."

Marksmanship Master Trainer (ARMY)

Pistol Instructor (NRA)

DOJ Certified Instructor (CA DOJ)

DOJ Credentialed Entity (DOJ)

Combat Life Saver (ARMY)

Federally Licensed Collector

Stephanie Anderson

"As a female firearms instructor, I like to take a woman-to-woman approach to teach new shooters. Men and women both benefit from my simple approach to shooting. I add balance to the teaching style of ShootSoCal Firearms & Training."

"Yo hablo Español"

Pistol Instructor (NRA)

DOJ Credentialed Entity (DOJ)