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ShootSoCal Firearms & Training

Training, Sales, Cerakote & Gunsmithing

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One-on-One Training

(or small group)

The history of ShootSoCal Firearms & Training was written on the range.  We offer One-on-One classes at Angeles Shooting Ranges in Sylmar, CA.  Our classes are generally 2 hours long and we have packages for beginners with rental, or for those that already own their own guns. Book online with our scheduling app to get text and email notifications. 




Private Range - group classes, give you, your friends, your family or your co-workers a chance to work with an instructor on more advanced manipulations and skills like movement and shooting from a holster. Classes can be custom tuned to meet specific needs.

Email to request info & book class


July 31st        1PM-5PM (Half Day) 

August 15th   8AM-5PM (All Day)

August  21st  1PM-5PM (Half Day)

August 28th   1PM-5PM (Half Day)


Our store is located in Fullerton off Harbor & Imperial. We carry firearms, ammunition, accessories, magazines and parts. We offer Gunsmithing, Cerakote and Sales in store.


Cerakote & Custom Work

We are factory trained and certified Cerakote applicators.

 We offer in house Cerakote of firearms, knives, and more.  We can handle custom jobs and production runs.  Cerakote is the industry leader in thin coat ceramic coatings and is paralleled by none.

We also offer stippling, frame customization and can add optics cuts (RMR, DOC, ect) and slide serrations to most firearms.



Our gunsmith can clean, inspect, diagnose, repair, and customize just about anything that comes in the door.  We have the capabilities to test fire on site so we can verify most problems and fixes.  


What We Do 

We have four main departments;  Training, Sales, Cerakote and Gunsmithing.

Our store offers one-on-one personal service without pressure or judgement. Our beginnings and experience as instructors and teachers help us in finding the perfect gun or accessory for every need. 

Our gunsmith can help diagnose and fix issues and we can create custom creations in our Cerakote shop.

We offer One-on-One classes to shooters of all experience levels. We get you on the range, and get you shooting. We cover safety, range etiquette, weapon handling, and marksmanship. We'll work on your stance, sight, grip and breathing. You will learn the fundamentals you need to hit your target quickly and accurately. You'll learn to load, unload and fire the firearm without compromising safety. 

The Personal Touch 

At ShootSoCal Firearms Training always try to put ourselves in your shoes. Everyone started somehwre and we will never forget that.  So if you are shopping for your first gun, trying to learn how to use a gun for the first time, or are a veteran shooter trying to build thier collection or skill, we will find the right fit for you.

Why Chose Us?

Most customers and students get online and boast about our amazing service and passion for teaching and customer service. We care about everyone we interreact with and want to see everyone walk away having had a great time, learned a lot and achieved what their goals. The warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you know what your doing is something we at ShootSoCal Love to see. We will make sure your happy when your with us. Look at our YELP page and you'll see how much our students love us, and we are sure you will too.

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**All students/shooters must be legally able to possess and own firearms. Any person who is considered prohibited from possessing/owning a firearm cannot participate in training with ShootSoCal Firearms Training. To withhold this information is illegal and ShootSoCal cannot be held liable. Visit the ​Prohibited Persons Page for more info on prohibiting reasons.**


Wolf, Tula/Tulammo,WPA, Bear, and other steel core ammunition will be removed from the range if they are seen. No steel core is allowed on the ranged for fire hazard reasons. Please do not buy or bring steel core to the range for training classes.

We are not affiliated with Angeles Shooting Ranges

Firearms Instructor, Los Angeles CA